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Our Houses

Öyler Living Spaces

We design ecological, technological and sustainable living spaces specifically for you without harming the resources of nature.
Our homes are self-sufficient structures in terms of water, energy, heat and consumables, just like the natural ecosystem.

We design the most suitable house in 4 different categories according to your needs, the characteristics of your land and your budget. While designing, we ensure maximum energy savings by positioning your house in the most sunlit part of the land.

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10 common features of houses

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  • Sustainability of homes (Passive Houses)

  • Allowing continuous living at home in summer and winter

  • Using wood material in the main structural system and in the interior

  • Supplier companies are PHI, FSC and PEFC certified

  • Architectural design is minimal and modern

  • Engineering in accordance with European standards (Eurocode)

  • Inclusion of electrical-mechanical infrastructure

  • Having a smart home infrastructure where digital needs can be met

  • The ability to generate and store the electrical energy it will consume

  • Having the most beneficial design in terms of sunbathing, view and usage specific to each land and location


Our Houses

Eco-Friendly, Technological Houses for Your Needs


Öyler Tiny

Up to 30 m2

Home or Commercial Use

Passive House


Öyler Cabin

30 ~ 90m2
1 + 1, 2 + 1, 3 + 1
Passive House


Öyler Regular

3 + 1, 4 + 1
Passive House


Öyler Wide

145+ m2
Passive House

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